Native Plants of Hassans Walls Lithgow

Book CoverThe society would like to promote the book launch of  “Native Plants of Hassans Walls Reserve Lithgow ”

The book features 390 wildflowers, orchids, grasses, rushes, sedges, eucalyptus, ferns, liverworts and mosses.

The launch will be in Lithgow

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Dairy Creek Rubbish Audit

The audit conducted was inspired by the Australian Marine Debris Initiative, an on-ground network of volunteers, communities, organisations and agencies around the country monitoring the impacts of marine

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Studying the Platypus

Dr Tom Grant of UNSW spoke on this subject at the April 28th meeting, a research interest in which he has been involved for 40

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Sydney Observatory Field Day

There was much entertainment to be had in spite of the cloud cover. There were two short 3D films about Mars and the Universe, indicating comparative sizes of planets and stars near us. There was a very interesting viewing of the curved

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Urban Bushland a Refuge for Geckos

leaf-tail gecko 3A scientific paper by Matthew Mo has been published in the prestigious journal Australian Zoologist. Matthew spoke to the Oatley Flora and Fauna Society in April 2011 and led a spotlighting walk for geckos in

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Scotland Island Field Day

IMG_8135It was raining in Oatley but the faithful who headed out for Pittwater and got as far as Homebush saw sunny skies ahead.

We found a good autumn day, windy and cool with the air as

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Streamwatch Results 2009-2014

Results for Myles Dunphy Reserve:

Stream Watch Data Sheet (2009-10)

2011 to 2014 Myles Dunphy Streamwatch

2014 onwards Myles Dunphy


Streamwatch Results for Dairy Creek:

2010 to 2014 Dairy Creek Streamwatch

2014 onwards Dairy Creek Results

Hidden Treasures of Sutherland Shire

Interested in exploring Sutherland Shire? The list of Sutherland Shire’s hidden treasures from Christine Guthrie would be a helpful

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flying foxesAt the 24th March meeting Sandra Guy, a wildlife rescue volunteer, spoke on flyingfoxes, and their key role in ensuring the ongoing health of ecosystems where animals are every bit as important as plants. Sandra showed


In Appreciation of Parks & Open Space

Inspirational words written by Julian Sheen (1980s in ALP Mag) during his time as Alderman at Hurstville Council can still inspire us to look at our surroundings with fresh eyes. He was Principal of Oatley West School which adjoined Oatley Park and had it’s own

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