Wallabies at Oatley Park

Photos by Choosypix Photography.  The Australian Museum has identified Wallabies as Swamp or Black Wallabies.

5 comments to Wallabies at Oatley Park

  • Andrew

    I spotted a single wallaby near the train set in Oatley Park at around 10pm on 18/12/2012.

  • Terry Hicks

    I sighted a wallaby last night (7/9/2013) on the rock shelf below the Myrtle St cul-de-sac in Oatley West. We have been here for 24 years and this is a first.

  • matt allison

    We were doing hazard reduction work along Oatley Park fenceline between Lloyd & Douglas Haig st Oatley on 6th Sept for HCC when an inquisitive swamp wallaby moved into the clearing and commenced feeding not more than 10metres away from us. Quite tame and healthy-looking. (Creatures of Habitat)

  • L Ollivain

    I have seen a swamp wallaby twice this year in Oatley Park, both in the park itself and in the bushland above Lime Kiln Bay duck ponds along the walking track. Definitely not tame though !!

  • Geoff Francis


    Was your wallaby sighting near the cul-de-sac at the eastern end of Myrtle Street, which adjoins Myles Dunphy Reserve? If so, this would be the first sighting of a Swamp Wallaby in Myles Dunphy Reserve in recent years.

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