Oatley Park & Surrounds Photos

Photos of Oatley Park by Alan Fairley To see larger size slideshow click on photo

Click on photo to see Flickr website of photos of Oatley Park and Hurstville Bushland. Photos are of  Hurstville’s bushland – flora, fauna, people, landscape, sports, scenery, historic items of interest. Originally intended just for Oatley Park (Sydney, NSW, Australia), this site now includes any of the surrounding bushland areas including Lime Kiln Bay Wetlands, Bay Road Reserve, Oatley Heights Park, Yallolloh Reserve, Lime Kiln Bay Reserve, Gannons Park and Heinrich Reserve Lugarno.

These areas of bushland are all contiguous providing an important sanctuary for native flora and fauna.  It also provides  an important recreational resource for the residents of the area.  Students from schools and TAFE colleges find these areas a convenient outdoor classroom and laboratory for pursuing environmental studies.

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  • Photographed this month: domestic fowl (rooster). Spotted last night: powerful owl. And a month or two previously, a white-headed dove, which is listed for the park but not recently.

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