Oatley Park Flowers in August


Gosford Wattle
Acacia prominens
Old Man’s Beard
Clematis glycinoides

Tree with abundant yellow ball flowers; phyllodes flat with a prominent gland below the centre. Common  around the oval and near picnic ground.

  Weak climber with leaves in 3 and masses of white 4-petalled flowers. Fruit has long silky appendages (like a beard). Roadside behind the Castle.  
 Purple Twining Pea Hardenbergia violacea  Small Hovea Hovea linearis
A twiner with veined leaves and violet pea flowers. Common scrambling over shrubs or up small trees.   Small erect shrub to 50cm tall with mauve flowers in leaf axils. Scattered in the understorey of dry woodland.
Isopogon anemonifolius Red Bean
Kennedia rubicunda
Erect shrub with divided leaves. Flowers yellow in terminal cone-like heads. Widespread on plateau.    A weak twiner with broad leaves in 3s. Flowers a deep red, to 4cm long and hanging down. Common,  especially in sunny bushy areas.  
White Beard Leucopogon ericoides Tree Broom-heath Monotoca elliptica
Upright shrub with small sharp leaves and numerous small white flowers, bearded inside. On sandy soils, eg, sunny areas of The Headland Track.   Large shrub to small tree. Leaves sharp and with parallel veins. Flowers small, white and bell-shaped , borne  in clusters longer than the leaves. Widespread, especially common along The Headland Track  
Small-leaf Daisy
Olearia microphylla  Wonga Vine
Pandorea pandorana
Medium shrub with many tiny leaves and abundant small white daisy flowers. Common, especially beside   headland road. Woody vine with compound leaves; flowers tubular, whitish with mauve markings. Often climbing up trees. Sheltered areas.  
  Slender Rice Flower Pimelea linifolia Leopard Orchid Diuris maculata
Slender erect shrub with opposite narrow leaves. White flowers heads at ends of stems. A conspicuous and common plant of plateau and slopes. Ground orchid, stems to 20cm tall; flowers yellow with brown markings. Mossy patches on rocks.  
Fine-leaf Bush-pea Pultenaea stipularis Hairy Xanthosia
Xanthosia tridentata
Erect shrub to 2m tall. Leaves narrow and crowded. Yellow flowers in dense terminal heads. Common on sheltered slopes.   Small plant to 40cm tall, wholly clothed with long hairs. Leaves toothed. Small cream-green flowers are borne in leaf axils. Widespread and common.  
Native Daphne (formerly Eriostemon) Philotheca myoporoides Rough Philotheca Philotheca scabra ssp scabra
Upright shrub with strong oil glands on stems and leaves. Flowers white with 5 petals in clusters from leaf bases. Rare in the park.    Low shrub with narrow leaves covered in oil glands. Flowers
white with 5 petals   borne singly on short stalks from leaf axils. Common on sheltered slopes.

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