Burning Palms, Royal National Park

It was a great day; cool with a bit of cloud when we all met at the Garawarra farmhouse for our walk down to Burning Palms beach in the Royal National Park. Nineteen set off along the fire trail, one of the prettiest in the park. The pace was measured for there were many flowers to identify, admire, and photograph. First to spot an orchid (ten metres from the start) won applause. I will not mention his name but his initials were AF. From the fire trail, we walked onto the bush path descent to the sea stopping at Werrong Lookout for brilliant views down the coast.


Palm Jungle was, as always, a place of mystery as we picked our way carefully though the fallen palm fronds. Lunch was in a clearing overlooking the sea. Then out onto the grassland. Unfortunately, the track has become a muddy trench in places.
From down near the seashore we looked up at the towering cliffs where we had been a couple of hours before. On Burning Palms beach we stopped to enjoy the waves, a paddle and, for one intrepid, a swim. Two of the party made the detour to Figure of Eight Pools. Then began the climb up Burgh Ridge, pausing for more great views, and a rest. We all made it back to the top in good time to agree that it was a very pleasant day. [Report by walk leader Julian Sheen]

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