Oatley Park Flowers in October

Flannel Flower   Actinotus helianthi

 Red Beard Calochilus paludosus
Perennial, germinating best after fire but with some flowers all year round, peaking October.  Large white flower heads, soft to touch. Greyish foliage. Widespread on drier plateau.   Ground orchid to 30cm tall. Flowers with distinctive red hairs like a beard. Scattered on slopes and plateau.  
 Match Heads Comesperma ericinum Tongue Orchid Dockrillia linguiformis
Slender shrub about 1m tall, with terminal clusters of pink flowers. On sheltered slopes and Headland Track.   Orchid found clinging to vertical sheltered rocks. Leaves 3-4cm long, tongue-shaped and strongly lined, growing hard against the rock. Numerous small but attractive white flowers.  
Native Cherry Exocarpos cupressiformis (fruit)       Common Raspwort Gonocarpus teucrioides
Small tree, a root parasite, bearing tiny flowers on leafless branches. Fruit (seen here) is red, swollen and fleshy. Flowers and fruit at any time of year. Widespread in Park. An inconspicuous plant with sandpapery stems and leaves. Leaves opposite, ovate, toothed. Flowers axillary, petals 3mm long, green to red. Common on sandy soils.  
Ivy Goodenia Goodenia hederaceae Broad-leaf Hakea Hakea dactyloides
Prostrate plant with trailing stems to 50cm long. Leaves ovate, obscurely toothed and tapering to a stalk. Flowers yellow on slender stalks along the stems. On slopes, such as along Lime Kiln Bay Large shrub to 3m. Leaves flat with prominent veins. Numerous small white to pink flowers along stems. Widespread and common.
Flaky-barked Tea-tree Leptospermum trinervium Spine-headed Mat-rush Lomandra longifolia  
Medium to spreading shrub with flaky bark. Leaves narrow elliptic and pointed, but 3 veins not always prominent. Flowers white, 5-petalled, often with a red ring. Widespread Tufted plant with strap-like leaves to 80cm long. Creamy flowers are borne in large clusters on the ends of flattened stems. Widespread and common.
Twisted Mat-rush Lomandra obliqua       Sticky daisy Bush Olearia viscidula
Small plant usually growing in clumps. Leaves short and twisted, growing along stems. Flowers yellow, stalkless and in clusters. Widespread and common in woodland. Shrub to 1.3 m tall with leaves to 8cm long, sometimes sticky. Numerous white daisy flowers towards the ends of the branches. Scattered on slopes.
Thyme Spurge Phyllanthus hirtellus   Dwarf Pine Podocarpus spinulosus
Small and insignificant plant to 40cm tall. Leaves to 2mm long. Male flowers cream, in clusters of 2-3, smaller than the leaves. Common on drier plateau. Spreading shrub with straggling branches to 1m tall. Leaves pungent-pointed to 6cm long. Male cones (seen here) cylindrical and in clusters from the leaf axils. Female cones single. Fruit blue-black, fleshy, edible. Common in sheltered areas along Headland Track.

For More information on the Flora of Oatley Park and Sydney Region check out the publications below:

  • Native Plants of Oatley Park Compiled by Alan Fairley, copies available at Oatley Flora and Fauna monthly meetings.
  • Native Plants of the Sydney District an identification guide, by Alan Fairley & Philip Moore, available in book shops.

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  • Sophie Golding

    Hi, I’m preparing a community habitat creation guide and looking for an image of Wallaby Weed (Olearia viscidula). I noted on my search that you have a great image of the species. I was hoping to ask permission to use the image in the guide and ask for a high res. Of course we’d love to credit the photographer also. Thanks, Sophie

  • melina

    Hi Sophie, Sorry this message seems to have been over looked as we tend to get most of our messages on facebook and email. Photo would have been taken by Alan Fairley. If you still need a photo please send an email to melina@korber.net

  • Alison Miller

    im trying to find whos showing a film called cultivating murder on wed sept 25th in sutherland plse? can you plse help?

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