Sharyn Cullis on Dharawal

A couple of months ago, myself, a dedicated group of Northern Illawarra residents, and ABC Open Illawarra producer Sean O’Brien went seriously off track into the heart of the area known as Dhawaral.

With Sean’s audio equipment, we all had the opportunity on location to talk about our love of this beautiful, and important, environment.

Our audio story is featured in the inaugural episode of the radio program Off Track. The story is called Declaring the Value of the Dharawal.

Wollongong and Sydney are places that face the salty sea and love it. Just beyond and behind those big and merging cities is a void that settlement has by-passed. Within it is this special place called Dharawal with streams of pure fresh water.

I seek out its streams. They flood my vision with images of clear, life giving water. When I am away my imagination recalls those images of sparkling clarity. My mind is full of determination to care for this place. I am thrilled that Dharawal is soon to be a National Park.

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