April Oatley Park Blooms

Smooth-barked Apple
Angophora costata Heath-leaved Banksia Banksia ericifolia
Large beautiful tree with twisted branches. Trunk smooth, salmon to grey-blue, with bark shed in patches in November. Flowers white; fruit ribbed. Common in Park. Usually flowers Oct – Dec, but late flowering in 2012 Tall shrub. Leaves narrow and crowded. Flower spikes orange-red. Uncommon in Park.
fern-leaved Banksia
Banksia oblongifolia Common Bossiaea Bossiaea heterophylla
Medium shrub. Leaves toothed, with underside of new growth covered with brown hairs. Flower spikes green-yellow. Uncommon in Park, occurring on drier plateau areas.   Shrub to 1m tall with flattened stems and small alternate leaves. Flowers yellow with a red keel conspicuous in undergrowth. Along Headland Track and slopes.  
Red Bloodwood
Corymbia gummifera Hedgehog Grass Echinopogon caespitosus
A medium to large tree with characteristic rough tessellated bark often blackened from fire. White flowers borne at the ends of the branches. Fruit urn-shaped. Widespread and common. Usually flowers Feb –March, but late flowering in 2012. Tufted grass with slender sandpapery stems to 60cm tall. Leaves mostly basal. Flower spike cylindrical. Common in open forest on sandy soils. Flowers from November to April.
Native Olive
Notelaea longifolia Australian Bluebell Wahlenbergia gracilis
Tall shrub with lance-shaped leaves. Young branches softly hairy, becoming hairless with age. Flowers small, yellow and borne in clusters from leaf axils. Fruit a blue-black berry. Scattered throughout the Park.   Small many-stemmed plant to 50cm tall. Leaves sparse at base of stems. Flowers blue, bell-shaped to 6mm across. Scattered in the Park in sheltered shaded locations.  
Woollsia pungens Hairy Xanthosia Xanthosia pilosa
Shrub to 2m tall. Leaves crowded, ovate, tapering to a pungent point. Flowers white borne in attractive clusters in the upper leaves. Conspicuous as it flowers in autumn and winter. Common in sheltered spots.   Small plant to 40cm tall, wholly clothed in long weak hairs. Leaves toothed, to 50mm long. Insignificant cream-green flowers borne in the leaf axils. Widespread and very common. Some flowers all year round.  

For More information on the Flora of Oatley Park and Sydney Region check out the publications below:

  • Native Plants of Oatley Park Compiled by Alan Fairley, copies available at Oatley Flora and Fauna monthly meetings.
  • Native Plants of the Sydney District an identification guide, by Alan Fairley & Philip Moore, available in book shops.

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