Geckos at Mortdale Heights Park


The spotlighting for geckos in Mortdale Heights Park on 27 April went very well. Leader Matthew Mo found 10 geckos on the rock walls and in crevices. There were 19 in attendance. Matthew spoke to the society last year on his research on the geckos at the park.

Info on Leaf Tail Gecko Pictured

Distribution -The Southern Leaf-tailed Gecko is found in the Sydney Basin and surrounds.

Habitat -The Southern Leaf-tailed Gecko lives in urban areas and coastal sandstone heath. It is quite common in Sydney and has been known to enter garages and houses in urban areas.

Behaviour and adaptations -The Southern Leaf-tailed Gecko feeds at night and shelters during the day in crevices or under rocks.

Other behaviours and adaptations -When the Southern Leaf-tailed Gecko is threatened or attacked, it discards its tail so it can escape to safety. It will re-grow another tail and the missing tail will decompose.

Information from the Australian Museum

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