May Blooms in Oatley Park

Flax Wattle
Acacia linifolia Queensland Silver Wattle Acacia podaylriifolia
An early flowering wattle, brightening the bush in autumn when little else is in flower. A shrub to 3m tall, with narrow phyllodes to 5cm long. Common on plateau and slopes.   Not a local species but conspicuous trees are located around the playground. Foliage is silver-grey and flowers are bright yellow balls.   
Sweet-scented Wattle
Acacia suaveolens Prickly Moses Acacia ulicifolia
An early flowering wattle, commencing to flower in April and lasting until November. A slender shrub with flat phyllodes to 12cm long. Buds enclosed by brownish bracts which fall to expose yellow flower heads. Widespread and common.   Another small wattle (to 2m tall) which flowers from autumn to spring. Flower balls a light cream and phyllodes rigid, angular and needle-pointed.  
Pixie Caps
Acianthus fornicatus Black She-oak Allocasuarina littoralis (male)
Small ground orchid with 4-6 reddish green flowers on stem to 20cm tall. Leaf basal, heart-shaped and seen on the ground even when there are no flowers. Very common in sheltered understorey. .   Erect to spreading tree with pine-like leaves and teeth in a whorl around stem joints. Male and female flowers on separate trees. Male flowers along tan spikes at the end of branches. Common in Park.  
Native Fuchsia
Correa reflexa Tall Greenhood Pterostylis longifolia
Erect shrub to 80cm tall with opposite stem-clasping leaves which are covered with hairs.  Flowers bell-shaped, yellow-green. Common in sheltered sites.   Ground orchid with up to 7 flowers on an upright stem to 30cm tall. Flowers pale green with a green and black labellum. Leaves along stem each 3 to 10cm long. Uncommon in Park on moist sites on lower slopes.  

For More information on the Flora of Oatley Park and Sydney Region check out the publications below:

  • Native Plants of Oatley Park Compiled by Alan Fairley, copies available at Oatley Flora and Fauna monthly meetings.
  • Native Plants of the Sydney District an identification guide, by Alan Fairley & Philip Moore, available in book shops.

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