Wattamolla Whale Watching

A beautiful winter’s day – sunny, blue and little wind – greeted the 20 participants as they gathered at Wattamolla car park for the walk to Big Marley Beach. Although only 5km each way,the eroded and wet track and the stops to gaze out to sea for passing whales meant that it was 12.30pm before the group reached its destination. And it was a great spot for lunch, on top of a tall dune overlooking freshwater Marley Lagoon, with sand stretching in the distance towards the sea. An additional reward was a pod of whales frolicking out at sea, flipping their fins up as if waving to us. Another small group was spotted on our way back. The coastal scenery,the whales and the companionship made it a very rewarding day. [Report by Alan Fairley, Trip Leader]

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