Have You seen a Powerful Owl ?

Have you seen or heard the Powerful Owl? If yes, please let Chris Lloyd know of the owl’s location, Chris is a volunteer working on a Powerful Owl project for a Birds Australia in the Sydney Basin where there has been significant changes to the owl’s habitat (controlled or wild fires, significant bush regeneration, clearing etc.)

Chris is after is any sightings of Powerful Owls, sightings of pellets, new faeces (white wash) or anything you think is significant. Have you seen the elusive fledglings (presuming there are any) or have you kept records of sightings prior to 1998? Perhaps you are familiar with their call?

The attached pic was taken outside Hurstville City Council Chambers in June 2002 Please record the date, time and location the encounters when passing on the information to Chris.

Happy Powling!

Chris Lloyd chris.lloyd@wiyanga.com.au

9 comments to Have You seen a Powerful Owl ?

  • melina

    It just so happens that I saw two yesterday in Moore Reserve. We were lucky to see them as it was getting quite dark but the noisy mynahs alerted us to them. I sent Chris an email.
    Cheers, Matt A.

  • Steve Painter

    Took some pics of the powerful owls at Sylvan Grove, Picnic Point, today. Can email you the images if you want them.

  • elissa

    I heard the powerful owl 2 times this past week, wednesday the 9th and friday the 11th of March in Moore reserve. I have heard this owl several times this past summer from december 2015 till March 2016- I heard the distinctive double hoots several times and have usually heard them at 11.00pm or early morning 4.30- 5.00am

  • Chris Lloyd

    Hi Elissa I coordinate the POWL records for the Georges River area and have noted your sightings of the Moore/Poulton pair. This and their neighbouring pair in Lime Kiln/GannonsPark are not being actively observed this year after some failed breeding so your sightings (hearings?) are really important to our records. If it is not too much trouble could you send them to me directly at Pezoporus@bigpond.com ? The same obviously applies to any other OFF website watchers who see or hear POWLs along the Georges River and its tributaries. Ciao

  • Beatrice Marett-Bird

    I heard a powerful owl hooting last night (8 April 2017). We’re in Park Ave Oatley.

  • melina

    Lovely to hear that. Anyone else heard one lately?

  • Anne Dorahy

    We heard owl hooting tonight.October 2017 We are in Landsowne Crescent . Have heard in past but not this close. Definite power owl call. Spotted bird in tree in Crescent. Is not that big, could be young?

  • Ruth Barratt

    I am pretty sure I heard an owl last night in Oatley – Myall Street – not that far from Oatley Park or Myles Dunphy Reserve.

  • Kirsten

    I had a Powerful Owl hooting in our gum tree in Oatley on 7 March this year. I had heard one a few nights prior as well. None heard since

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