Migratory Species

Olive -backed Oriole
Oriolus melanotis Australasian Figbird Sphecotheres vieilloti
Solitary or in pairs, in trees with thick foliage. Both sexes have orange bill and red eyes. Eats fruit. Call is ‘or-ee-ol’; also mimics other birds.

27 cm

31. Olive-backed Oriole Gregarious cousin of oriole with dark eyes. Female streaked greyish-brown. Eats figs and other fruit in trees with dense canopy.

28 cm

32. Australasian Figbird
Rose Robin
Petroica rosea Yellow-tailed Black Cockatoo Calyptorhynchus funereus
Winter visitor. Female lacks rosy breast, has brown back. Moves rapidly through canopy in search of insects. Sweet high-pitched trill.

12 cm

33. Rose Robin Winter visitor in family groups. Female has paler bill and grey eye-ring. Flies slowly with ‘kee-ow’ cries. Eats banksia seeds.

60 cm

34. Yellow-tailed  Black Cockatoo
Eastern Koel
Eudynamys orientalis Dollarbird Tetratheca ericifolia
Raucous summer visitor from Indonesia. Female has spotted back, barred belly. Red Wattlebirds foster the young of this cuckoo.

42 cm

35. Eastern Koel Summer visitor that nests in tree hollows. Catches insects in acrobatic flight, displaying white ‘dollar’ in blue-green wings. Cackles.

28 cm

36. Dollarbird
Scarlet Honeyeater
Myzomela sanguinolenta Yellow-faced Honeyeater Lichenostomus chrysops
Winter visitor. Female dull brown, sometimes overlooked. Feeds on paperbark, bottlebrush and eucalypt blossoms. Tinkling call.

10 cm

37. Scarlet Honeyeater In summer a common woodland bird. In autumn it migrates north in small flocks. Feeds on insects and blossom. Loud ‘chick-up’ call.

16 cm

38. Yelow-faced Honeyeater
Peregrine Falcon
Falco peregrinus Channel-billed Cuckoo Scythrops novaehollandiae
Dark sleek fast bird with barred underparts. Occasionally seen flying over Park hunting for small birds which it takes in the air. Call a rapid “kek-kek-kek”.


39. Peregrine Falcon Summer visitor from New Guinea. In flight, huge bill, long tail & loud call are conspicuous. Currawongs often raise its young.

62 cm

40. Channel-billed Cuckoo
Musk Lorikeet
Glossopsitta concinna Eastern Osprey Pandion haliaetus
Small green parrot with a tapered tail. High-pitched screech as it zips from tree to tree. Visits Sydney when eucalypts are flowering.


41. Musk Lorikeet A specialist fish-eater. Vulnerable in NSW. Perches on trees and posts along the river. Flies with bent narrow wings. Large stick nest.

60 cm

42. Eastern Osprey
White-bellied Sea-eagle
Haliaeetus leucogaster Striated Thornbill Acanthiza lineata
Second largest raptor in Australia. Eats fish, birds, reptiles and bats. Cruises over Georges River with upswept wings. Juvenile mottled brown.

80 cm

43. White-bellied Sea-eagle Small insect-eater that feeds in twittering flocks in the tops of eucalypts. Doesn’t move far from home; may live as long as14 years.

10 cm

44. Striated Thornbill
Striated Heron
Butorides striata
Dark, black-headed heron with short yellow legs. A wary bird. Crouches as it stalks prey such as crabs on mudflats and in mangroves.

49 cm

45.Striated Heron

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