Bushcare Major Day Out

On Sunday 8 September OFF and Hurstville Bushcare combined forces to celebrate Bushcare’s Major Day Out. There were more than 100 similar events across Australia promoting the activities of volunteer Bushcare groups in their local communities.

Our activities centred on Steamroller Picnic Grounds in Oatley Park. Despite the forecast of rain and some ‘post-election’ hangovers, between 80-100 locals of all ages turned up during the morning to enjoy Graham Fry’s guided bird watching walks, Alan Fairley’s wildflower walk and a plant propagation workshop run by ‘bushcarers’ Pam and Dave Harris. I am sure we gathered a lot of new friends and supporters through our information stalls and I know Bushcare signed up a couple of new volunteers who have already attended a couple of sessions

Hurstville Council helped out, waiving the site fees, meeting some of the promotion costs and providing a slap-up morning tea. There were only a few takers for the planned working bee at the park’s front gate but it did not matter as everyone wanted to go on the walks and linger over morning tea.

Perhaps we should make this an annual event?


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