Environmental Dilemmas

Slide19John Davoren (OFF member and Editor of OFF news) on 23 September 2013 made a presentation to the society on our environment and the dilemmas facing an effective program for protecting it .

The areas listed as threatened and/or threatening included population growth, and degradation of energy resources, land, flora and fauna, air, water and food. The extent of human activity influencing the environment is hotly debated. Protection measures are severely criticised, as those not convinced of any human contribution see such expenditure as unproductive, and an unnecessary waste in fiscally trying times. The economic argument slows the implementation of protective processes, and the picture is further muddied when it is not agreed on what protection can and should be provided. Environmental conservation is important, and if we waste our natural resources,they will eventually be exhausted. What we need is sustainability, where we can live within our planet’s means socially, environmentally and economically.

SustainClick here to view slides of talk.Environmental Dilemmas

Note  file is 13.2Mb and take a few minutes to load.


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