Urban Bushland a Refuge for Geckos

leaf-tail gecko 3A scientific paper by Matthew Mo has been published in the prestigious journal Australian Zoologist. Matthew spoke to the Oatley Flora and Fauna Society in April 2011 and led a spotlighting walk for geckos in Mortdale Heights Park on 27 April 2012. The group observed 10 geckos on the rock walls and in crevices.

The Broad-tailed Gecko Phyllurus platurus is a saxicolous lizard occurring in the Sydney Basin including the Sydney Metropolitan Area. A search of desktop records confirms that populations remain across the region, including in the central business district and in long-established suburbs. This paper reports on habitat selection derived from a population study carried out in a reserve of remnant bushland in the St George district. Open walls and the underside of overhangs were the most frequently exploited structures used by P. platurus. Geckos were found typically no higher than 2.5 m from the ground. The mean density of P. platurus had a negative relationship with available rock surface area. Geckos retaining original tails dominated the sample size, which is in contrast to previous work on museum specimens. Diurnal surveying was trialled, during which some P. platurus were detected on the outer edges of crevices. Survey results expand baseline information and inform future decisions aimed at promoting biodiversity in remnant bushland. Click here to see full  article 


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