Dairy Creek Rubbish Audit

A rubbish audit wIMG_0050as performed at Dairy Creek  during our last Streamwatch testing day on 27 May.


- Cigarette butts were found mostly at the strandline and often collected together in what would have been eddies when creek was flooding.

- Plastic drink bottles were often found clumped together in similar situations as above.

- plastic packaging for food was prominent and often broken up or just part of the packaging remaining

- bits of plastic bags were often found caught up in tree roots and low branches.
- foam plastic (polystyrene) for both food containers and insulation /packaging was a big problem as it breaks up into small bits and gets scattered everywhere but does not seem to break down / degrade very much at all.
- we collected a lot of glass in the form of small pieces from broken bottles and containers
- not much/ many metal products were collected, I guess cause they are generally a bit heavier and don’t travel far. Most of the 9 aluminium cans that we collected were crushed/flattened so even these wouldn’t have floated like a plastic bottle would have.
- we only found 3 little soy sauce fish shaped plastic containers that you get with sushi but they are annoying when you do!! 
Summary: Plastic in all its forms seems to be the biggest problem.  It gets caught up in everything.


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