The Economics of Mining

On Monday 11 August OFF members attended a seminar on debunking myths on the economics of mining. Coal Mines and Gas fields are approved largely on the basis of the claims made about jobs and economic benefits. However, two speakers from  The Australia Institute enlightened  the audience on the fact 0f who benefits and who bears the costs of the mining industry in the NSW economy.

Two papers summarizing the information were distributed:


State govt assistace to mining industryOFF obtained a copy of Mining The Age of Entitlement -

State governments are more usually associated with the provision of health, education and law enforcement than industry assistance. So it might surprise taxpayers to learn that state government assistance for the mineral and fossil fuel industries consumes significant amounts of their money. This paper details the value of state revenue that would otherwise have been available for increased vital public services – for example, more teachers, nurses and police.

by Richard Denniss, Roderick Campbell and Richard Denniss


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