OFF Library

the-biggest-estate-on-earthThe Society has purchased a number of books which are available for loan to OFF members.  Available at the back desk at Monday meetings.

Titles include :

  • The Biggest Estate on Earth (Bill Gammage) – investigates the land management of Aborigines.
  • A History of the Blue Labyrinth (Bruce Cameron) – a beautifully produced book with lots of photos and many references to our former Treasurer Harry Whaite
  • Sustainable House (Michael Mobbs) – what one person has done to be self-sufficient in energy, water and waste disposal in his Sydney house.
  • Sustainable Food (Michael Mobbs) – the sustainable use of water and energy associated with growing and processing food.
  • A Natural for World Heritage (Geoff Mosley)- the argument for granting World Heritage Listing for Royal National Park. The Green Corridors of Southern Sydney (NPA Southern Sydney) – a DVD outlining the importance of protecting the green areas south of Sydney,

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