September 2014 Rubbish Audit

Litter audits for Myles Dunphy (two sites) on 4/9/14 and for Dairy Creek on 23/9/14.

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- Cigarette butts are usually in plentiful supply
- plastic packaging of all sorts is prominent
- Foam insulation and packaging is a big problem because it breaks up into small pieces but then doesn’t degrade any further
- broken pieces of glass and ceramics are also in large numbers but once the sharp edges are worn off they do not seem to pose a big threat to the creek health

IMG_4039 IMG_4049 IMG_4052

4 comments to September 2014 Rubbish Audit

  • Heather Stolle

    While Streamwatch is collecting and tallying up rubbish at Myles Dunphy once a month, they are competing with a very keen Bushcare volunteer whom also collects rubbish, mostly bottles and cans from all over the northern end of the bushland reserve, not just the creek line.
    On average, Tony collects one quarter of a plastic garbage bag, once a week and this ends up in a recycle bin at the Council depot. Love Tony’s work!

  • melina

    Yes Heather, Thanks to Tony for his clean up, We will make a note on our data sheets, to the effect that the litter is more than our records.

  • Geoff Francis

    Unfortunately, Tony has recently retired from Bushcare due to ill health, and will not be continuing his rubbish collection work. So there may be more than the usual amount of rubbish along the creek line for our next Streamwatch day.

  • Heather Stolle

    Since Tony has retired from Bushcare, the Bushcare group is making an effort to combine the rubbish clean up with weeding.

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