Environment Protection Licence – Sydney Water

017.JPGSubmissions were made by OFF and several individuals on the Sydney Water Environment protection licence 372. This licence relates to southern suburbs sewage treatment system.

The objectives of this licence are to:
a) require practical measures to be taken to protect the environment and public health from sewage
treatment plant effluent and sewer overflows;
b) require proper and efficient management of the sewage treatment system to minimise harm to the
environment and public health;
c) require no deterioration and continuing improvement in the sewage treatment system
environmental performance relative to existing conditions; and
d) minimise the frequency and volume of overflows and sewage treatment plant bypasses.

CLICK HERE TO SEE EPA LICENCE – Licence variation1519252

 Main Points made:Egret1050

  • Although the Wet Weather Overflow Abatement Pollution Reduction Program at Lime KilnBay is being under taken reduce the number of wet weather overflows from the North Georges River Submain at Dairy Creek to no more than 10 overflows per 10 years. This refers to just one of the 727 designed overflow points on the Georges River and it simply diverts the overflows from that point to other nearby locations which still empty into the Georges River. It does reduce the impact on the valuable council asset of the Lime Kiln Bay Wetlands however the total ultimate impact on the Georges River remains about the same.
  •  There need to be fewer overflow events from licensed sewer overflow points and of lesser volumes, and standards for the Georges River that reflect this.
  • Georges River standards should be at least the equivalent other areas of Sydney.
  • Transparent processes, community consultation built into PRP’s and measurable standards and performance reviews that are reported in plain language to the interested public. Public meeting should be held to give the public an opportunity to ask questions and make comments so that we could be better informed about the systems, how they are operated and what opportunities there are for improving our environments.


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