Sita Advanced Waste Treatment Facility

IMG_6917IMG_691510 people boarded the OFF bus at Oatley station at 09.30 on a beautiful sunny Autumn morning. We travelled out to the SITA Resource Recovery Park at Kemps Creek where the 11th person joined us. The Education Officer, Kristal Dilucchio gave a very interesting presentation, and fielded MANY question from us, before kitting us out in high –vis vests, hard hats, and safety goggles. We then boarded the bus for the trip to the other side of the resource park, where, after fitting bright pink ear plugs, we entered the SAWT Facility.

The rubbish is processed in 2 different lines, one for green organics and kitchen waste ( green bin) from Penrith council, and one for general waste along with kitchen waste ( red bin ) from Liverpool Council.

IMG_6927Most of the processing occurs under cover in a huge hangar like building. The red bin waste has several stages of processing and sorting, by large magnet, a process to take out the aluminium, and manually, at this stage. The green bin waste doesn’t need these steps. There are 14 tunnels that the rubbish is stored in, for the first 3-4 weeks ( where it can have air and water put in) where the decomposition is initially started. The material is then sifted and processed again before being put outside in long lines, in various stages of decomposition, mostly covered with tarps ( especially in the cold weather, to speed up the decomposition).


IMG_6922IMG_6930IMG_6943IMG_6916The whole process takes from 14-16 weeks. Both end products are very rich in organic nutrients, but the red bin waste is contaminated with some metal and glass fragments, and is only used for mine reclamation, while the green bin waste produces a very high grade compost for all general purpose landscaping uses. It was evident that plastic bags are a significant problem for the managers of our waste, as are old VHS tapes.

We resolved to lobby our respective councils to include kitchen waste for recycling (either the red bin system or the green bin system) as it cuts down the amount of waste going to landfill by about 60%.  CLICK HERE FOR MORE PHOTOS

After leaving SITA, we visited a nearby coffee shop, for delicious liquid refreshment, before the return journey.

Report by excursion leader Alison Gilroy

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