Oatley Lions Festival – 17th October

IMG_1020OFF ran a stall at the Lions Festival, as it has done for many years. It was a lovely and successful day. Lots of friends and other interesting and interested people dropped in. The highlight of the day was the interactive model of the water catchment loaned from the Australian Museum. IMG_1021

The majority of humans live near some form of freshwater environment. These biologically rich freshwater ecosystems play a vital role in human life as sources of water, food and recreation. The model provides information on the importance of water, catchment management and global water issue.

This tied in well with our project to raise community awareness of Lime Kiln Bay wetland and changing behavior to reduce detrimental environmental impacts. rain is for drainOur demonstrators wore T shirts designed by committee member Shaun Keays-Byrne with the Logo “DRAINS ARE JUST FOR RAIN”

The Catchments: Water for Living Box is a resource for high schools and focuses on science and geography. The model was developed in partnership Sydney Water.

Catchment model

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