Environmentally Friendly Sea Walls in Kogarah Bay

IMG_20151029_172821Kogarah City Council has developed a number of foreshore habitat enhancement projects to supplement existing foreshore areas and improve biodiversity. Members of the Georges River Combined Council were recently taken around the Korgrah Council’s latest environmentally friendly seawall project at Carss Park.
 The introduction of foreshore armouring, such as seawall structures, transforms the nature of the intertidal environment, replacing biologically diverse natural foreshore habitats with featureless, species poor artificial structures. This alteration away from natural intertidal systems results in reduced marine species diversity and abundance.
An earlier project at Dover Park East foreshore, Kogarah Bay, NSW was a major Council enhancement project completed in July 2012.
IMG_20151029_174618These projects utilised intertidal enhancement research and the 2009 NSW Office of Environment and Heritage released Environmentally Friendly Seawall Guide.
 IMG_20151029_171938 IMG_20151029_174522

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