Royal Botanic Gardens

P1000438On Tuesday 23 August 19 OFF members and friends gathered at the Royal Botanic Gardens in the Sydney CBD. It was a lovely sunny day despite the weather forecast.The walk covered some of the history of the gardens over the past 200 years visiting old and contemporary sites.

P1000445The red cedar was planted in 1822. They were logged to near extinction in the 1800’s.





The fernery which contains more than 300 species of ferns and other plants with the sandstone structure made by convicts showing Bankers marks.


Latitude 23 hot house with exotic rainforest plants from various parts of the world featuring a variety of orchids.



P1000498P1000469Kauri pine Agathus robusta 40 metres tall grown from a seed and planted in 1853. It is the modern day relative of Agathus juassicus which was part of the forests of Gondwana along with the Wollimi Pine which is referred to as a living fossil as it was thought to be extinct for 90 million years.




P1000501After going over the oldest bridge in Australia built in 1816 we walked along the avenue of Spring which features among other flowers 10,000 tulips which are planted each year. This spring walk has been an annual event in the gardens since 1856.


On the other side of the Macquarie wall built for Mrs Macquarie to keep the riff raff out was a spectacular display of cycads with big yellow cones and a row of bottle trees. The oldest one in a P1000523lower bed planted in 1846.

The tropical garden featured a display of many bromeliads and the spectacular Dinner Plate Fig.

P1000552One of the features of the month which was only discovered in 1970 was the Butterfly Amaryllis which we were lucky to see flowering.

The orchids and rock orchids which are flowering now were also spectacular.




After the walk some of the group visited the Sweet Addiction exhibition in The Calyix  – the gardens new green house.

Report by  walk leader Amanda Gibson





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