Developer wants to cut large Blackbutt

Update – 31 July 2017   Thanks to community action this tree has been saved. Council’s position in the matter is that the tree is outside of the footprint of the building and must be preserved. The property owner has conceded that the section 96 modification application for tree removal will be withdrawn and an alternate design will be proposed. In addition we believe that the developer has been fined for damaging a tree in front.

The developer of a dual occupancy that is currently being built at 111 Gungah Bay Road, wants to cut down a beautiful Eucalyptus Piluaris (Blackbutt) in the backyard. Some of you might even be able to see it from where you live as it is at least 28m high.

The original DA for this dual occupancy was presented to Hurstville Council in its dying days last year and the following councillors voted to approve it: DA2015/0319 submitted 28/08/2015 Read Arborist report at:…/appl…/default.aspx…

His Worship the Mayor, Councillor V Badalati, Deputy Mayor, Councillor D Sin, Councillor C Drane, Councillor C Hindi, Councillor R Kastanias, Councillor J Mining, Councillor P Sansom

In the process permission was granted for the removal of five (5) trees, now gone but this tree and five others were to be retained. Tree 2 was only meant to have a branch trimmed, as indicated by arrow. However, this tree has already been subjected to non compliant pruning by the current developer. The tree is located towards the corner of the block of land where it has minimal impact on dwellings.

MCubed Design has now lodged (15 June 2017) a modification application to remove this tree.
If you are concerned and object to this proposal write to Georges River Council at with MOD2017/0067 Removal of tree in South-East corner at 111 Gungah Bay Road, OATLEY in the subject line ASAP.

On behalf of the tree, thanks!




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