Inappropriate Trimming of Street Trees

On going saga of over trimming on Gungah Bay road street trees. Council response (4/7/17) attached in photo below.

Why would Augrid remove the entire “western” side of the tree, which goes no where near the power lines? Or is this a convenient “out” for the owner?

23 May 2017: Gungah Bay Road – inappropriate trimming. This is a common complaint of  street trees around wires. The example 33 Gungah bay Road was sent to us by a concerned resident. Here a substantial part of Council’s street tree which forked eastwards towards the property, at 33 Gungah bay Road has been removed. The tree now appears to be unbalanced and may be in danger of toppling into the street. Georges River Council have been asked to investigate and advise what action Council is taking in this matter.

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