Gungah Bay Road Tree Removal

On 10/11/2017  Oatley Flora and Fauna Conservation Society received a copy of the letter sent to the residents of Gungah Bay Road advising them of the removal of Eucalyptus microcorys (Tallowood) under power lines on Gungah Bay Road between Roberts Avenue and Acacia Street.

letter states …..“The Tallowoods are an inappropriate species and are too large to be located under the power lines. Unfortunately, the trees have not responded well to the regular pruning around the electricity network, resulting in poor structure and loss of visual amenity. “

It is expected that the tree removal will occur between 20 November and 28 November 2017. The new trees Tristaniopsis laurina (Water Gum). will be planted within one month of removal and stump grinding.

If you would like any further information in relation to this matter, please contact Ausgrid Vegetation Officer-Horticulturalist, Paul Holmes on 9269 7501 or Council’s Tree Management Officer, Stephen Lunniss on 9330 6400.”


We assume that tree removal will be on the eastern side of the road, judging by the notice to residents and that there are no power lines on the western side.

It is a shame to lose mature trees like these, however we understand why they want to do this as the trees are pretty well butchered now and replacing them would mean that there would be consistency in the planting giving an aesthetically pleasing street view.


Tree Officer has informed us that they will plant 2 for 1 when replacing the Tallowoods (17, although we have counted 19 + 1 bottle-brush) and filling in the many gaps. This is an opportunity for infill planting required outside 19 to 21 and 31 to 41.

Council could also consider alternatives such as Wallum Banksia (Banksia aemula), Dwarf Apple (Angophora hispida) or even Christmas Bush (Ceratopetalum gummiferum).





Tree outside No13 can be retained,

as it seems to have survived pruning

and gone round the wires


It has been suggested that Aerial Bundling would be an alternative. Ausgrid will have to pay for that;it could be argued as they save on future pruning and in the long term cost saving. Also early appropriate pruning needs to be considered. Trees can grow around and above the wires. This needs long term planning on the part of Ausgrid. We urge Council to act on behalf of the residents to put forward such a case.

The Society will like a commitment from the council that tall trees will be placed in appropriate areas to compensate for the removal of mature tall trees as a part of their Tree Canopy Enhancement policy. Currently the water gums are the only large tree being planted this tree only grows 10-12 metres where as trees such as the Tallowood grow to 30 metres.

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  • Peter Mahoney

    From: peter mahoney
    Sent: Wednesday, 15 November 2017 3:12 PM
    Subject: Tree removal Gungah Bay Rd

    Dear Gail

    I am concerned that Council has given minimal notice (11 days) for these works, and that approval appears to have been given without the provision of arborist’s reports.

    This action appears to contradict the regulations governing tree removal on private property, and to some extent mirrors the old Hurstville practice of ‘ward councillor reports’ (the subject of my email of 3rd October).

    Your urgent advice would therefore be appreciated.



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