Rivercat to Parramatta

Our last walk for 2017 was Sunday 26th November when 12 OFF members took the train to Circular Quay for a beautiful, relaxing morning ferry trip to Parramatta ( 1 1/2 hrs). You certainly see a different side of Sydney from the river.

From the Parramatta Ferry Terminal we walked alongside the Parramatta Rver in Queen’s Park stopping to read many markers providing information (including pictures) on the history of the area- wharves, mills, granary etc.

We also chanced upon a ceremony at the HMAS Parramatta Memorial being held to commemorate the anniversary of the sinking of The Parramatta II on 26th November 1941.

From there we proceded to the historical precinct of Hambden Cottage, Experimental Farm and Elizabeth Farm. We decided we must make a return visit in 2018 to do justice to these venues and see them properly.

We headed into the town centre via the Lancers’ Barracks which is still in operation and also contains a museum which is open on Sundays- well worth a visit.


Lunch was near the St Johns Cathedral which is on the site of the first church in Australia.

After our rest we headed to Parramatta Park to see Government House, a Boer War Memorial and a dairy house museum.

It was then a stroll back along the river and into the CBD to take the train back to Redfern Station.

We were all impressed by how much history there is to see in Parramatta and our day was really only a ‘taster’. So a return visit is definitely needed.

Walk Report by V Bolling



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