104 Gungah Bay and Wonoona Parade

In early February 2018 residents noticed that the tree on the corner of  104 Gungah Bay Road and Woronora parade appeared to be dying. I seems likely that work carried out in Nov/December 2017 under the road and kerb on Woronora Road killed tree

Thank you to Anne Wagstaff for keeping up with this issue.  Council reply to her inquiry is:

The installation of stormwater pipe works between August and November 2017 was in close proximity to a number of street trees located along Wonoona Pde and Gungah Bay Rd.

The drainage works were undertaken to comply with the Condition of Consent for 102 Gungah Bay Rd.

This tree had been monitored since the completion of drainage works. Attempts were made to water it and complete remedial pruning works. The tree continued to decline rapidly and was removed on 15 February 2018. Two new street tree plantings are programmed to occur in this location within the next 4-8 weeks.

The tree suffered stress due to the installation of the new stormwater pipe, It is believed that this was compounded by the extremely dry summer which sent the tree into decline.

Council is currently investigating whether action can be taken against the drainage contractor.

See our page on threatened or lost trees

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