The Origin of Species

One of our members came across a  good summary of Darwin’s The Origin of Species written for  NSW Primary Curriculum of 1952 Natural Science Section F: Great Naturalists (6th Grade)

“The Story of Charles Darwin In “The Origin of Species”, his most important work, Darwin restated the old idea that all living plants and animals were related to one another and supported his contention with a great mass of evidence he had collected in the field of nature. He held (a) that all plants and animals tend to increase at a rapid rate, but that (b) the number of plants and animals tend to remain the same. Therefore, he concluded, there is (c) a struggle for existence, and since (d) all plants and animals vary, there is (e) survival of those best fitted to survive under any given set of circumstances. This he described as a process of Natural Selection. The careful compilation of evidence in support of this idea was a major contribution to the development of science.”


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