2019 Annual General Meeting


At the recent AGM meeting, Graham thanked the outgoing committee, stating that OFF could not function without a hardworking, productive and stimulating committee.

Graham thought it timely to remind members of the great things that OFF has been involved with over the years and the battles that our predecessors have fought. He is indebted to Alan Fairley for documenting OFF’s history in ‘Being Green’. To view, visit the OFF web site.

Rafe and Moira Kowron along with a few others, started OFF in 1955, when they became concerned about the wanton destruction and vandalism that was taking place in the natural bushland surrounding their new home. Over the years, OFF grew along with Oatley -which changed, not always for the better when it came to its natural environment. OFF members have fought many battles to retain and improve their local environment,

Our battle for the Oatley Bowling Club site is just the latest and continuing fight. Threats will always be there, so we need to remain vigilant and keep working to protect our precious environment, building on the legacy of past members.  Read Full Presidents AGM Address 2019


Highlights for 2018 included:

  • Georges River Council has decided to retain the Oatley Bowling Club site in public hands. OFF has campaigned tirelessly for this.
  • OFF identified six environmental priorities on which to base its political efforts for the State and Federal elections.
  • The grants sub-committee submitted consultant’s report on the restoration of Oatley Park Castle to Council.
  • OFF awarded grants to two post-graduate students and a previous recipient gave a talk on her project during the November 2018 meeting.
  • The ‘Nature of Georges River 2019’calendar made a surplus, and was sold at:four street stalls
  • We undertook revegetation at River Road Reserve and Moore Reserve, planting 1000 natives bought with funds from the NSW Government and Councillor Grekas.
  • Monthly Bushcare sessions in Oatley Parkhave continued.
  • OFF helped at Council’s National Tree Day plant giveaway but despite diligent monitoring and reporting by OFF members, trees are still dying and being illegally removed in our local government area.
  • We supported: People’s Referendum on coal and gas, banning mining under water catchments, investment in renewable energy, plastic-free Oatley, reducing pollution in our waterways, and saving the Streamwatch program.
  • OFF recommended the names Boorea Reserve for the River Road Reserve, and Myles Dunphy Creek for the stream in Myles Dunphy Reserve.
  • 27 people helped with Clean Up Australia Day in Lime Kiln Bay.
  • OFF and Bankstown Bushland Society cleaned up Beauty Point Reserve on the Georges River.

Read Secretary’s Annual Report for 2018

At the AGM on Monday 4th February, the following office-bearers and committee members were elected:

  • President: Graham Lalchere
  • Vice Presidents: Alan Fairley and Kim Wagstaff
  • Secretary: Liz Cameron
  • Treasurer: Rodger Robertson
  • Program & Publicity Officer: Matt Allison
  • Field Officer: Graham Fry
  • Membership and Welfare Officer: Robin Dickson
  • Website Officer: vacant
  • Additional Officers: Julian Sheen, Vicki Bolling, Peter de Beuzeville, Ben Hope, Peter Mahoney, James Deli, Anne Cale

The following OFF members accepted appointment to various positions:

  • Public Officer: Julian Sheen
  • Editor: Adelina Cubelic
  • Conservation Advisor: Deb Andrew
  • Hospitality and Welcome Team: Beverley Watters, Vicki Bolling, Sue de Beuzeville, Sue Howard

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