2019 State Election – Oatley Candidates responses to our questions

A questionnaire was sent by Oatley Flora & Fauna Conservation Society (OFF) to 3 candidates for the seat of Oatley to gain insight into candidates’ position and/or opinion on  environmental issues before the coming election.

The questions and candidates’ answers are published below as they become available. Answers are in order of receipt.

1. Establish a Sydney Marine Park – to protect this world class coastal region.

Mannering  Labor has been committed to a single, iconic marine park for  Sydney since     2014 and under a Labor Government a Sydney Marine Park will be established, not a series of disparate reserves tagged with the marine park label. Labor’s multi-use Sydney Marine Park would run from Port Hacking to Pittwater and including the harbour waters in between, and would be open to the public and cater for a range of sustainable activities including fishing, boating, dolphin and whale watching, swimming, snorkelling and kayaking.

Dragone -   The NSW Greens believe marine parks are essential to maintaining aquatic biodiversity. I cam endorse of a marine park within Sydney with an emphasis on sanctuary zones.

Coure – our questions were forwarded to the Minister for the Environment, the Hon Gabrielle Upton MP. Response from the Minister’s Chief of Staff, Mr Kevin Wilde.

2 Create a koala sanctuary in south west Sydney – to protect this iconic species

ManneringLabor has committed to a Koala national park in south west Sydney.

Dragone -I can endorse a koala sanctuary in south-west Sydney. The Greens are pushing for more protections for Koalas in that area (and around NSW), Greens Councillor Ben Moroney has been doing great work in that regard.

3. Set up a $2 billion regional renewable energy fund – to fast track the transition to clean energy away from coal.

ManneringFederal Labor has committed to a $15 billion renewable energy fund and a $10 million Clean Energy Training Fund. State Labor has committed to a new renewable energy corporation and has committed to assisting 500,000 households to install solar panels

Dragone – The NSW Greens have a policy of transitioning to 100% renewable energy by 2030. Our policy is not exactly to set up a $2 billion fund, but would involve significant investment in excess of $2 billion as direct government intervention into energy production. It is also our policy to establish ‘Power NSW’, a publicly owned and 100% renewable energy provider to address the failure of privatisation in creating clean energy or lowering prices

4. Set up a $1.5 billion land and biodiversity fund and end logging of public native forests – to protect and restore bushland and forest habitat.

ManneringLabor has committed to a new national EPA. I’m not aware of the proposal for a biodiversity fund – is this a state or federal issue? Or both!

Dragone – I can endorse the need for regeneration of our bushland and forests, and to protect them from logging. We do not have a specific dollar value on what we will spend protecting biodiversity, but I can assure you that $1.5 billion is more than reasonable. We will fight to protect the native environment of NSW even if costs exceed $1.5 billion.

5. Remove feral horses from Kosciuszko National Park.

ManneringNSW Labor has committed to repealing the Wild Horses Act and to reinstating the National Parks and Wildlife Act, and also acknowledges the environmental damage being done to a delicate ecosystem by feral horses.

Dragone – The NSW Greens acknowledge the need to manage feral species, especially in such delicate environments like the Kosciuszko National Park. I can endorse policy on feral horse removal, however we also stipulate that the removal of feral horses be done humanely.

6. Legislate to ban light weight single use plastic bags.

ManneringLabor has committed to legislating to ban single use light weight plastic bags.

Dragone – It is NSW Greens policy to ban single-use plastic bags, as supermarkets voluntarily giving up plastic bags doesn’t prevent a return in the future. However, we also acknowledge that the costs of climate change should be taken on by the large corporations who are causing it, rather than it being shifted onto ordinary people. To this end, I support this principle.

We have been distributing a leaflet  with questions you might like to ask your candidates in all  electorates.





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