Yeramba Lagoon

OFF Walk to Yeramba Lagoon This month’s walk saw a change of pace with a fairly relaxed 1.8km walk around Yeramba Lagoon by 13 OFF members. The remediation work on the lagoon seems successful so far as the waters were mostly clear of the choking weeds. More work will be done in the future to enable flushing by the salt waters of the Georges River to prevent the return of the weeds.

Walking clockwise, the first section is more protected from the sun and less frequently burnt. We passed some beautiful small sandstone cliffs and rock outcrops. Members were surprised by the extent of the reserve(335ha) and the very good condition of the bushland although surrounded by suburbia.






After the walk we continued on to Lambeth Reserve for a quick lunch and then walked along the boardwalk beside the Georges River, downstream to the National Park There is some lovely bushland on one side and pretty views of the river on the other. Most of the group had not visited these areas before and were pleased to find some new bushland sites close to home.

Walk Leader Vicki Bolling


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