New Committee and Program for 2020

Welcome to the newly elected OFF Committee for 2020. Our President, Graham Lalchere, stood down after 7 busy years in that position and Vice-president Kim Wagstaff, was elected to take his place. We especially welcome three new committee members –Adrian Polhill, Sonia Baxant and Brian Dale –they come with fresh ideas and will be invaluable to the running of OFF.

Oatley Flora and Fauna Society have organised  another exciting year of speakers and walks for 2020.  Click here for OFF Program & Committee for 2020

MEETINGS: Held 4th Monday of the month, 7.30 pm in Oatley RSL Sub-Branch Hall, building left of 23 Letitia Street, Oatley


  • Prior to the State and Federal elections canvassing  prospective candidates on a number of environmental concerns.
  • OFF representatives had quarterly meetings with the Mayor and Directors of Georges River Council to discuss big-issue topics
  • Submissions were made on environmental issues.
  • We have liaised with, and supported many environmental organisations
  • OFF contributes significantly to the Council Bushcare program.
  • Members also undertook monthly Streamwatch sampling.
  • Thanks to generous donations from members, we were able to allocate $6,000 for three post-graduate student grants in 2019.
  • Monthly meeting  and field outings continue.
  • OFF has participated in stalls at community events which are an excellent avenue for raising OFF’s profile and discussing environmental issues.

Full Secretary’s Annual Report for 2019



At the recent AGM, Graham stated that this will be his last presidential address as
he is standing down; it’s time for someone new to fill the position and refresh the
role. He then thanked his fellow committee members, saying that the President’s role is
one of coordination as it is the committee members who manage the society and
come up with the ideas and plan and carry out our activities.

As well as the continuing committee members, he also thanked those standing down: Peter Mahoney, Peter de Beuzeville and Anne Cale. He then thanked other position holders, before giving a special thanks to past committee member, Shaun Keys-Byrne, who is leaving the district. He has been very helpful over the years in assisting with the development of much of our publicity material. For his last address Graham briefly discussed the OFF mission statement, which consolidates OFF aims into a short pithy statement:
Working to protect, conserve and enhance the natural environment locally and globally

This is carried out by following the society’s objectives, which he read out. He then clarified the mission statement in detail and illustrate it with examples:

  • Protect. Dict: To defend from trouble, harm, etc. This is the first level of ensuring our environment is cared for, at least make sure what we value does not disappear.

Preserve. Dict: To keep safe from danger of harm; to protect from decay or
dissolution. This is the second level of care for the environment. What we value may be
protected, and not allowed to deteriorate.

Enhance. Dict: To intensify or increase in quality, value, etc; improve, augment.This is our third level of environmental care. We build on the first two and advance our care of our environment and begin to ameliorate past damage.

Local. Dict: Characteristic of or associated with a particular locality or area.This is where our primary work is carried out. We work in our own area to ensure our local environment is suitable for both ourselves and other essential organisms.

Global. Dict: Covering or relating to the whole world; comprehensive.This is where we operate outside our local area, or our local efforts have an effect outside our locality.

He then reiterated that OFF has been Working to protect, conserve and enhance the natural environment locally and globally since 1955.

Click here for full President’s Address at AGM


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