OFF Submission On Georges River LEP

SUBMISSIONS ARE DUE 31 May. OFF Committee members have prepared a submission on Planning Proposal Draft LEP2020 (Reference SF20/881). We hope this will help you with your own submission to council.

OFF objects to the reduction of the Foreshore Scenic Protection Area (FSPA) which currently exists in the HLEP2012. The narrow re-drawing of the FSPA to protect only a narrow band of the immediate waterfront properties in this Planning Proposal Draft LEP 2020 is totally unacceptable.

The proposed LEP reduces the number of lots that will remain in the FSPA by 2380 compared to the HLEP 2012, across the suburbs of Riverwood (14); Lugarno (534); Peakhurst (114); Peakhurst Heights (282); Mortdale (253); and Oatley West (1183). [Note these figures were only provided in FAQ FSPA on 15 May 2020]

The removal of thousands of properties from the protections afforded by the existing HLEP FSPA will surely lead to significant increases in built densities, as the lot size for a single dwelling will fall from what would otherwise have been 700sqm to 450sqm. The minimum lot size for each dual occupancy after subdivision falls from what would have been 430sqm to 300sqm. The cramming in of more dwellings, will mean a parallel increase in traffic and parking congestion and a greater population pressure on recreational spaces, with no plans to expand these locally.

These effects will be compounded by the reduction of the landscaping requirement from 25% of a development site to just 20%. This, combined with a smaller lot size, will also mean the shrinking of gardens, the loss of neighbourhood leafiness and shady trees, and very little private outside space for trees.

In addition to the community and social impacts, these changes will result in detrimental impacts on tree canopy, biodiversity values, scenic views, and stormwater runoff and pollution.

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          • Tree Canopy
          • Biodiversity
          • Stormwater runoff
          • Scenic Views

OFF Submission on Planning Proposal DLEP2020l


OFF strongly recommends retention of the existing Foreshore Scenic Protection Area and associated development conditions as currently mapped under the HLEP 2012 and that it be carried forward to the proposed Georges River LEP 2020.

See More information at Council’s website  - DRAFT GEORGES RIVER LOCAL ENVIRONMENTAL PLAN

If you wish to make a submission on the draft LEP, draft Local Housing Strategy and/or draft  Inclusive Housing Strategy, you may comment via:

  • Online: fill out the submission forms below
  • link) (quote reference SF20/881)
  • In writing: to The General Manager, Georges River Council, PO Box 205, Hurstville BC 1481 (quote reference SF20/881)

Mark Coure MP has started a petition – “Sign my petition calling on Council to further extend its consultation period and substantially review its LEP”




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  • Graeme Dunlop & Irene Shchupak

    As residents of Oatley for the past 30 years, who have voted in numerous local, state and federal elections, we are appalled at the proposed changes to the Foreshore Protection Area outlined in the Planning Proposal Draft LEP 2020. The proposal to drastically reduce the Foreshore Protection Area to a narrow band of land is totally unacceptable.

    The removal of thousands of properties from the protections in the existing FSPA plan will lead to a significant increase in dwellings which will further result in a rise in traffic congestion and parking issues, as well as an increase in pressure on recreational spaces, with no plans to expand these.

    Furthermore with the proposal for reduced lot sizes and increases in the proportion of the block which can be built on, tree cover and the amount of vegetation in the area will be diminished. Dual occupancy dwellings require multiple driveways and will lead to the removal of street trees within this area. Smaller gardens will further result in fewer trees within the existing FSPA. In planning for the future, council needs to consider increasing the number of trees in the area rather than reducing them. The LEP 2020 contradicts the Greater Sydney Commission’s South District Planning Priority S15 which aims to increase tree canopy cover (and not reduce it) and deliver Green Grid connections.

    Additionally, the biodiversity within the existing FSPA will be undermined by the proposals made in the LEP 2020. Numerous birds flock to the area to feed and nest in established old growth trees in streets and gardens in this area. We are concerned that the new LEP 2020 ignores the need to maintain and conserve biodiversity and will adversely impact on threatened species, such as the Powerful Owl, the Grey-headed flying fox and the Square-tailed Kite. It will also have an adverse effect on other animals, such as Brushtail and Ringtail possums and echidnas.

    Finally, this proposal threatens water quality in the Georges River. The increased development will result in more stormwater run-off with an increase in pollution in our wetlands and creeks, in addition to the Georges River. It is important to preserve all the good work the community at large has undertaken to reduce pollution in our waterways and improve our environment.

    We strongly urge the council to retain the existing FSPA in the Georges River LEP 2020 and the development conditions it contains to protect this local area environment from being degraded.

    Graeme Dunlop & Irene Shchupak

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