Good News on Local Environment Plan

Postcard of species in Oatley and surrounds that will continue to be protected by leafy natural foreshores. Picture; David Mercer

The Georges River Council Local Planning Panel at the end of June voted unanimously to save the Foreshore Scenic Protection Area under the current Hurstville LEP2012. It will not be reduced from its current boundaries and the proposal to extend the FSPA into the foreshore area of the former Kogarah Council will be implemented.

The LEP also endorsed amendments to Clause 6.13 Landscaped areas in certain residential and environmental protection zones to increase the minimum landscaped area requirements for dual occupancies (non-FSPA) to 25% and dual occupancies (FSPA) to 30% and to ensure new developments are accompanied by increased planting and vegetation. “All in all, a good result, representing basically what OFF was asking for” See more in the Newsletter.

Read Leader Article - 2 July 2020 “Georges River planning panel recommends retention of Foreshore Scenic Protection Area ” byJim Gainsford


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