Scarborough Ponds Trail Kogarah to Ramsgate

After the Government eased the restrictions on activities we were able to resume our activities program on 28th June.,The next activity on our program was Graham Fry’s walk exploring the Scarborough Wetlands at Ramsgate.

We had a very favourable response with 17 people taking part. While it wasn’t a long walk at 5km, it was very interesting exploring an area which many of us have never visited. The weather was relatively cool but rain held off although at one stage it did seem threatening.

The walk was beside the wetland which ranged from relatively large bodies of water to narrow creeks. There was plenty of wildlife particularly birds which were using both the water bodies and the surrounding vegetation. Some parts were very weedy but as is often the case these areas were well utilised by birds.

It was noted that the Swamp Mahogany, Eucalyptus robusta was flowering well and was very popular with birds particularly honeyeaters and lorikeets.

Other people were using the area including a group who had small remote controlled boats including a submarine which were very interesting. Overall most people enjoyed the day and appreciated an opportunity to get outdoors.

Report by walk Leader Graham Fry

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