Save our Koalas from Extinction

The plight of koalas throughout NSW is dire. It has been predicted they could be extinct in the wild by 2050. The Report of the NSW Upper House Parliamentary Inquiry brought down on 30 June 2020 should be the basis of urgent government action.

It calls for the NSW Government to “to urgently prioritise the protection of koala habitat and corridors in the planning and implementation stages of urban growth areas” The Report made 42 recommendations for koala protection state-wide.

Oatley Flora and Fauna Conservation Society members are great defenders of the koala colony along the upper Georges River (north-south corridor from Appin and Campbelltown and onto Glenfield before it strikes out east crossing Holsworthy Army lands towards Heathcote, Woronora and beyond).

Because the colony is healthy and breeding, koalas are moving out to find new habitat but new housing estates west and south of Appin are significant barriers, and roadkill on Heathcote and Appin Roads is a particularly serious risk to the colony’s viability.

The Parliamentary Inquiry made particular recommendations (paraphrased below), regarding protection of the koalas that form our closest population:

4. The government and (Campbelltown) council must secure protection of the koala colony and habitat before allowing any more development of the Figtree Hill Estate (at Mt Gilead, by Lend Lease).
5. The (upper) Georges River Koala National Park should be created.
12. The government should ensure the combination of underpasses and overpasses and fencing in areas of koala habitat.
13. The government must provide an overpass and underpass on Appin Rd to serve wildlife corridor entry points.
14. Road and Maritime Services should provide, manage and maintain exclusion fencing along Appin Rd.

More information including a full list of the report's findings and recommendations see:

Please consider asking these members of the NSW Government to take action:
Mark Coure
Rob Stokes
Matt Kean

For up-to-date information on what is happening with the koalas of south-west and southern Sydney, visit the following Facebook pages:
Save Sydney’s Koalas
Georges River Environmental Alliance

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