Oatley Bowling Club Remediation works

Plans for the remediation works on the former Oatley Bowling club site will be before the Georges River Council Planning Panel on Thursday 20th August. Oatley Flora and Fauna Society and other community members  have made submission on the development application .

While the society welcomes Council’s progressing of this project. Our community has been calling for this work to be undertaken for quite some time. We are concerned to ensure that it is undertaken in the most environmentally responsible way and will finally allow public access back onto this part of the Myles Dunphy Reserve.

In considering your decision today we draw your attention to the following points:

  • Council did not notify the broader community.
  • Removal of 29 trees
  • The Gabion retaining walls need to be designed to blend in with the natural surroundings as much as possible.
  •  With the large amount of earthworks to be carried out on the site and being immediately adjacent to important and sensitive natural areas including the creek and wetlands and the camps and roosting areas of the grey headed flying fox and powerful owl we expect the development conditions to be comprehensively applied and strictly policed.



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