Parliamentary Recognition of OFF Clean up Australia Day 2020


Alan Fairley registered a record 65 people(including 20 guides) at OFF’s Clean Up Australia Day site and it was fabulous to see so many people of all ages taking part and leaving our waterways cleaner. The Georges Riverkeeper and the GRC Waste Education Officer congratulated our Society on a great effort.It was hot and steamy work amongst the mangroves and the team, which included local member Mark Coure, collected about 45 bags of rubbish and 5m3of large items, very little of it recyclable. The GPT in the golf course doesn’t cope well with all the litter from a very large catchment that includes the Peakhurst Light Industrial Estate; all that rubbish drains into the Bay via a major stormwater channel. A network of GPTs further up in the catchment would be ideal to intercept the litter before it reaches the Bay. An environmental audit of the Industrial Estate would also help identify sources of litter, rubbish and other pollution and prevent them entering the channel in the first place


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