1962 1 warren mallard

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  • Garry Mallard

    I would have been around 2 years old when this photo of my big brother was snapped. Alas, he passed away in June 2013.

    And when I was a little older, I too joined OF&F for field trips to the wilds of Hornsby and Wilberforce, which were miles of undeveloped swamp and scrub-land.

    I remember wonderful folks like Ms Newbold [sic} and Val Boyan [sic} who appeared to know everything about everything and were always happy to share their knowledge with great patience.And I remember evening meetings in the freezing cold Oatley Swimming Club hall, where expert bird callers would entertain us for hours. Toddy…was that the name of one of the best of them?

    I am so glad to see that the club is still running so many years down the track.

    Garry Mallard OAM

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