2016 Annual General Meeting

Right version white eye Green card

Our AGM was held at the RSL Oatley on February 2016. Secretary Liz Cameron presented the minutes and report for 2015. President Graham Lalchere’s speech reflected on OFF activities through a lense of  “Thinking Globally, Acting Locally”. CLICK HERE FOR FULL Presidents AGM Address

Election of  2016 committee was overseen by David Crawford acting as returning officer.

President  Graham Lalchere

Vice Presidents- Alan Fairley & Graham Fry

Secretary Liz Cameron

Treasurer – Rodger Robertson

A full list of committee members will be posted on line as soon as our program for the year is published.

The official part of the meeting was followed by a dazzling array of members’ slides.  Alan Fairly – Elora & Ajanta Caves in India; Shaun Keays-Byrne Oatley Park & OFF activities; Graham Fry – Smiggins  trips; Sharyn Cullis – Small African Fauna ; Phil Andersen -  Large African Fauna Melina Amerasinghe – Sri-Lanka; Graham Lalchere – Central & Western Australia.

The meeting was followed by supper. With a generous spread of  goodies available members mingled till closing time.  The new venue worked well with equipment and catering facilities.



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