Committee member Matt Allison wins Banks Volunteer Award

Congratulations to Matt Allison  who was presented with a Banks Volunteer of Award on 6 April . The event was organised by member for Banks David Coleman with presentations made by special guest Julie Bishop MP at Club Rivers .

Matt Allison is passionate about caring for the natural environment and has contributed much to our organisation. He has been a member of the committee of OFF for 15 years and for the past six years, our Program and Publicity Officer. That role includes finding 10 speakers for our monthly meetings, up to a year in advance, and liaising with them to produce publicity and ensure the program is delivered smoothly. Matt’s selection of top-class speakers has ensured high attendances at our meetings and generated interest in, and understanding of, a wide range of natural history and conservation topics.

Matt has also provided expert advice to OFF on bush regeneration and, despite the demands of running a full-time business, contributes many hours of voluntary work to our projects, cheerfully and willingly. With another committee member, he has been instrumental in re-activating the Bushcare program in Oatley Park.

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