Malabar Headland National Park Walk

P1010787P1010793This was advertised as a generous walk – giving lots but demanding little. A glorious day welcomed 19 walkers to the Maroubra Beach Kiosk for coffee before we headed south to the bush-covered headland around AnP1010798zac Rifle Range – welcome to Sydney’s newest national park.

P1010814The walk along the coastline to Boora Point was punctuated by brilliant cliff and coast views and well as views of the city not far away. We paused at Magic Point where we learned about sharks from our youngest but perhaps most erudite walker, Wesley aged 11.

P1010816From there we headed past WWII pill boxes to Boora Point where aborigines once gathered for healing and shelter. This was the entrance to Long Bay. We looked out on the site of the wrecked MV Malabar (1931) which gave its name to this locality.

P1010833We enjoyed lunch on the rocks above the bay and learned about the name of the neighbouring suburb – Matraville, named after James Matra. Matra accompanied Cook aboard the Endeavour when on 29th April 1770*, almost exactly 247 years ago, Endeavour entered Botany Bay just to the south. Matra walked these coastal cliffs and hills with his friend Joseph Banks. We packed lunch away and headed back through fine coastal heath to Maroubra Beach feeling well satisfied.  CLICK HERE TO SEE PHOTO ALBUM

P1010836Field Day Report of Malabar Headland National Park 30th April by Walk Leader: Julian Sheen

* More accurately 28/04, Cook had no idea of the International Date Line

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