23 Bay Road Development – Massive Tree Removal

A development proposal has come to our attention that will mean the removal of at least 30 trees, mainly very large significant Blackbutts. The proposal  is to demolish the existing dwelling and construction of two freestanding dwellings with bulk excavation including rock.
The Arborists report for Lot 22 indicates 24 trees of which 19 are to be removed and 5 having major impact.
The Arborists report for Lot 23 indicates 12 trees of which 11 are to be removed.
Total tree loss of 30 trees for both developments!
The Development applications can be followed on the Council website using the following DA application numbers: DA2017/0197 & DA2017/0198
 The following documents provide detail on the trees to be removed:
We urge you to make an online submission to council, against this development quoting the specific DA numbers. Submissions need to be made by 20 September 2017.

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