This Links Page is of organisations  Oatley Flora and Fauna Society have an affiliation through membership, donations or common purpose. Please click on logo to see more information about the organisation. If you are an organisation that would like your website listed please contact off@oatley with your details.


AABR smallAustralian Association of Bush Regenerators - established in 1986 AABR promotes the study and practice of ecological restoration, and fosters and encourages effective management of natural areas by qualified people, based on sound ecological principles.

Georges River Combined Council -  formed in 1979 and consists of nine local councils, as well as agencies and community representatives within the Georges River catchment.  The GRCCC’s mission is to advocate for the protection, conservation and enhancement of the health of the Georges River, by developing programs and partnerships, and by lobbying government organisations and other stakeholders.

Local Land Services Greater Sydney - is a LLS-GS-logo-rgb-colour-59-px-highNSW Government agency responsible for the coordination and management of Sydney’s natural resources.  In Sydney, natural resources include land, rivers, estuaries and coastal systems.

Streamwatch -  A  monitoring program run by The Australian Museum  to investigate and take action on water quality and catchment and ecosystem health.  The program was begun in  1990 by Sydney Water. There are now over 250 community, school and other groups that monitor water quality and macroinvertebrates (water bugs) across more than 600 sites.

Environmental Defenders Office- The EDO is independent, non-profit, community legal service specialising in public interest environmental law.


Nature Conservation Council  - works to conserve nature and protect the water we drink, the air we breathe and the places we love.  A non-profit, non-government organisation representing 120 community environment groups across NSW.  

Landcare NSW Inc exists to be a strong representative body to work for grassroots community driven natural resource management in NSW. To promote and encourage awareness and education in sustainable natural resource management and advocate ecologically sustainable development.  


  • Atlas of Living Australia The Atlas of Living Australia provides tools to enable users of biodiversity information to find, access, combine and visualise data on Australian plants and




Hurstville City Council- The natural boundaries of Hurstville City are formed by Georges River and Salt Pan Creek. The Georges River is considered to be one of the area’s most valuable natural assets due to its aesthetic, recreational and biological value. There are also a number of wetlands in the area such as the Riverwood and Lime Kiln Bay wetlands. Hurstville City also contains a number of bushland areas, including Oatley Park which is the largest native bush reserve in the St George region.  

 HCC Bushcare - Hurstville City Council is responsible for managing 79 hectares of remnant bushland.  Participants in Council’s  Volunteer Bushcare Program assist in monitoring, preserving and regenerating this bushland.  



Kogarah City Council - Kogarah’s local government area (LGA) is located 14km south of the Sydney CBD, covers almost 20 square kilometres and has a population of around 53,000 people. It is part of the St George region. The area is known for its sporting history, picturesque parks and foreshore and its relaxed, family-oriented lifestyle. ‘Kogarah’ the name is derived from an Aboriginal word meaning rushes or place of reeds.


Rockdale City Council – Popular feature of the City is  Lady Robinsons Beach and Cook Park behind it. The Rockdale wetlands, which form a thin ribbon from the Cooks to Georges Rivers, provide important habitats for a variety of animal and plant species. The City of Rockdale also has expanses of bushland including Bardwell Valley and Hawthorne Street Natural Area.