Threatened Trees

We have become aware that many residents are concerned that we are loosing our trees. This is campaign to turn this trend.


If you know of any supreme examples of poor tree maintenance and / or destruction which you think should be on this page.


When /if you get word that a tree is to be /or is being removed. We will let the community know ASAP and follow up on the outcomes.

Contact Georges River Council to report your concerns: Phone: 9330 6400

Send us details to or Facebook


33 Gunga Bay Rd 20170522 cropped23 May 2017: Gungah Bay Road – inappropriate trimming. This is a common complaint of  street trees around wires. The example below was sent to us by a concerned resident. Here a substantial part of Council’s street tree which forked eastwards towards the property, at 33 Gungah bay Road has been removed. The tree now appears to be unbalanced and may be in danger of toppling into the street. Georges River Council have been asked to investigate and advise what action Council is taking in this matter.

5 May 2017 – 29 Baker Street:  Street tree removal  The  Customer Service Officer said the report had stated that this tree “fell over in a storm”. I have much admired this majestic tree, and did note in a recent storm it dropped a branch, that was ‘cleaned up’ by a crew on a particular day. Much to the disappointment of both my husband and I, the next day the whole of the  tree was removed,  though it looked healthy to us, and in fact the stump looks that way and it is still in the ground. Photo 5/5/17; stump ground out a week later.

5 May 2017 -79 Gungah Bay Rd : Street Tree removal. The Report stated that a “pruning request” only was approved. The Council Customer Officer could see no approval for further removal and could not explain why the Street tree has been removed.  Tree photographed 5 May 2017 in the driveway. So why has this tree been removed, and why is this  council report seemingly inaccurate?

79 Gungah Bay Rd (2) 79 Gungah Bay Rd (3)