OFF History


Oatley Flora and Fauna Society (O.F.F) was formed in 1955 by local residents concerned about the vandalism of flora and fauna in Oatley Park, a bush land reserve in Sydney, metropolitan area.



Over the years the area of interest has expanded and the primary aims of the Society are to stimulate interest in Australian flora and fauna; foster an understanding of the need to conserve natural environment and cooperate with other organisations in protecting the environment.  



BEING GREEN -The history of the Oatley Flora and Fauna Society,  The First 50 Years 1955 – 2005  by Alan Fairley is available as a pdf file to download.

In celebration  of OFFs 60th anniversary, Alan Fairley has updated Being Green The latest chapter covers successes and challenges experienced by the society during the last decade 2006 – 2015.

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