River Health Monitoring on Georges River

The Myles Dunphy Streamwatch group once again participated in River Health Monitoring by GRCC (Georges River Combined Council) for the Spring season. Our results for Myles Dunphy and Dairy Creek were similar to previous years. For more see River Health Report Cards

Macro Invertebrate ResultsIMG_1357

      The day at Dharawal started very foggy and a light drizzle as we tested the Iluka site in the upland swamp. It cleared up as we moved further away from the coast. We welcomed our new coordinator to Dharawal, He is passionate about his bugs and put on his waders at Cobong Creek.


Streamwatch Results 2009-2016

Streamwatch Results for Myles Dunphy Reserve: IMG_7276

Stream Watch Data Sheet (2009-10) 2011 to 2014 Myles Dunphy Streamwatch

2014 onwards Myles Dunphy results

Streamwatch Results for Dairy Creek:Streamwatch 2014 Dairy creek

2010 to 2014 Dairy Creek Streamwatch

2014 onwards Dairy Creek Results